Lizards pitch a Quadruple Skull.

Box Score
Roster Moves: FF+2
  • #1 Witchelf
  • learned Block (whew!) Hired: Injury Report: Commentary from da Coach: First half was a bit frustrating for both coaches, but the second was only frustrating for James. My main goal was to get Enola 2 SPPs which I succeeded at just barely. I had the stabber skink thrown out twice but the hypnotoad argued it both times. James QUADRUPLE SKULLED. I was 1 for 8 for KO recoveries at one point. Other weirdness: game was played under Very Sunny conditions which I laughed at, I had 2 Perfect Defenses, we had 2 Pitch Invasions. Dodged the card disadvantage, mine were Whoops! which I totally misread and put me out of position when I thought I could use it on my kickoff, and Merchandizing. His were Is it a TD? which stopped a meaningless score on the last turn, Healing Scroll (I was wondering why he chose to apothecary a guy mid-game), and A Large Donation yay more FF! I finally wrote gameover in my notebook on turn 2 of the second half when my all or nothing "Everyone Go Deep" play worked. It could have failed miserably.