Deadites Re-RIPped

Box Score
Roster Moves:
  • #9 Blitzer
  • learned Diving Tackle
  • #11 Lineelf
  • learned Dodge
  • #13 Witchelf
  • learned Side Step Hired: Injury Report: none Commentary from da Coach: Survived a cardstorm without too much nastiness (Biased Ref, Grasping Tentacles, Banana Skin, and charity Match). Obsidian continues to be cursed as he was twarted again in his quest to get a second skill. My cards were Magic Pills (meh) and Blatant Foul, which since the Biased Ref was going to eject my assasin anyway, I used to kill one of the Ghouls. I wrote Game Over in my notebook when I had an incredible streak of KO's in the first half leaving the Deadites with only two zombies at the end of the drive. It also helped that the Count decided to not come back in for the rest of the game!