Chuck Norse Cries - Cabalweb Explodes

Box Score
Roster Moves:
  • #02 Lineelf
  • learned Mighty Blow
  • #06 Lineelf
  • learned Dodge
  • #09 Blitzer
  • learned Dauntless
  • #16 Assassin
  • learned Diving Tackle Hired: Injury Report: Commentary from da Coach: I had an amazing first half. KO'd 6 and injured 2. Then what happens? Daren's Magic Sponge brings all but one back. Needless to say I had pretty much expended my rolls by the second and had to rely on my inate elfness, which prevailed. The Magic Sponge was the best card by far. Mine were Kelhoffer's Magic Foot (which did work out as Daren used a re-roll to start the chainsaw, leaving him with none when he had to do ball handing things near the line) and Unsportmanlike Contact which went unplayed. Daren's other two were Get Em Lads and Crazed Ref. I wrote "Game Over" in my notebook when I elfed the ball away from him to start the second and flanked him for the score. .