The Albinos skin the Deadites

When #9, the Dander Blankoes lineman called "Off White", was interviewed during the pre-season he
was asked about why his team featured only albinos.  His response was typical for all those heroes
of the arena, the focused athletes that find themselves suddenly thrust into the hard earned
"If ya havn't noticed all dese udder teams have a gimmick, like da Galadrieth Galadiatorz 'r all
elves.  We're jus keepin' up a proud BloodBowl tradishun."
  The first half of the Blankoes game against Evil Ash's Deadites was played under blue skies. 
After winning the toss the Blankoes chose to kick off to the Necromatic team.  Despite their rookie
ogre picking his nose for four turns the odd human team was able to gain a number superiority (2KO's
and a casualty to their 1KO)and almost steal the ball.  They were able to stop the Deadites drive
and keep the first half scoreless.  
  The second half saw the weather change into fierce blizzard conditions, but despite this the
Blankoes were able to score their first touchdown in four turns.  During the following drive the
pale humans managed to perform a blitz and disrupt the initial play of their mouldering opponents. 
Unsubstantiated rumors that blitzer "Argent York"(#5) was juiced up on magic
potion sprang up during the Blankoes drive to steal the ball and score a second touchdown.  This drive
was not without cost, however, the pigmentless humans were down a total of four players from
injuries and KO's; #9 "Off White" was pulled off the pitch with a fractured leg and #11 "White Hot"
was forced to sit out the rest of the match.  The Dander Blankoes skilled apothecary was
not only able to set the linemans leg but she was able to clear him for the teams next match as
well.  Kick off