Apocalypse Hits Albinoes with a vengeance

The Dark Elf Apocalypse Drow are savoring their well earned victory over the albino humans tonight.
 The Dander Blankoes had beaten them during their first face off, so the Dark Elves entered the game
with blood on their minds, and blood is what they got.  Not only did the Drow send six pale humans
to the hospital (including their new untested team wizard), but they managed to keep the Blankoes
rotating in and out of the KO box on a regular basis.  They effectively shut down both the humans
offense and defensive game and lorded over the field with a dominating numerical superiority. 
Despite the teams loss, the Dander Blankoes managed to wow the crowds enough to gain fan support. 
This was due mainly to #8 Argent Pepper's inclusion into the Hall of Fame.  
A total of +2FF, the team acquired another Ass Coach and Cheerleader.