Dander Blankoes prevail over The Wailing Orc-hestra

  The Albino's merchandizing goes out the roof in the wake of their game versus the Orcs, a victory
that surprised not only the team but their owner as well.  Even the teams brooding thrower, Elric,
was seen to be celebrating.  Although he declined a formal interview he was heard chanting something
that sounded like "Blood and souls for Arioch!".   
  Sixty eight thousand fans showed up to the game to witness the pale humans bloody march to
victory.  Although The Wailing Orc-hestra drew first blood and scored a touch down on their first
drive, the team suffered several casualties and unconscious players to enable that score. 
Unfortunately for the Green skinned team the loss of numbers allowed the humans to quickly answer
and tie the score up before half time.  The Dander Blankoes received the kick off and rapidly scored
at the beginning of the second half.  Luck and mounting casualties kept The Wailing Orc-hestra from
responding to the humans second touchdown.  From the start of their drive things did not go the orcs
way, star player Varag Ghoulchewer was ejected from the game for an illegal early hit before the
kick off("I'll get you!" card).  The Blankoes managed to blitz the decimated orc lines before the
kick off landed and through sheer inspiration managed to run faster than thought possible("Magic
pills" card)for their species.  This determination saw the pale men take the ball away and score
their third and final touchdown of the game.  The last minute of the game saw the weather change
from perfect to pouring rain, too late to effect the outcome of the game.
  Game stats= 3-1score, 0-5 casualties, 90k-60k winnings.  #2Bleach White=Leader, #6Unk Olard=Break
tackle, #7Elric=Accurate, #8Argent Pepper=Mighty Blow.  New player purchased #12Ivory Tower who is
listed as a lineman but has the specialist ranking of heavy equipment operator(???).  +1fan factor.
 kicked off