Dander Blankoes fall before the Lords

In an action packed game that ended in over time, the Dander Blankoes proved semi-unfortunate.  The
albinos played a tight game but were unable to thwart the Lords of Lothlorien's agility and
precision passing.  As if rehearsed before their interviews several team players report that their
lack of inertia stemmed from several unfortunate events that befell them throughout the game.  They
state that their misfortunes began with the early ejection of their newest lineman who was accused
of harboring a secret weapon, without game officials having a shred of evidence to back their call.
 This ruling was further compounded by the lack of effectiveness demonstrated by Unk Olard, who
seemed determined to discover his own belly button...over and over again.  Despite creating a
preponderance of numbers against the elves early on through casualties, the Lords were able to
reverse the trend of attrition against themselves and achieve numerical superiority during overtime

Game stats= score 2-3, casualties 3-4, kills 1-0, cash prize 60k-100k.  #3Lily White gains Block,
#5Argent York gains Guard.  #13Argent Flame joins the team as the Blankoes third Blitzer.  kicked off