Tom Morph Dwarves narrowly defeated by the Albinos

In a hard fought game that saw both teams having both triumphs and upsets enough to please the 80+
thousand fans that showed for the game, the pigmentally challenged humans snaked a narrow victory. 
The opening drive set the pace of the entire game, with the Blankoes injuring the Dwarves sneaky
git, only to have their ogre stretchered off the pitch seconds later.  Somehow a Tom Morph hobgoblin
fan managed to steal a jersey and take a position on the field with no one the wiser until the
Albinos first score.  The pale humans tactic to derive numerical superiority backfired on the team
despite their nearly successful attempts to drive hobgoblins into the crowd, the Wharf Dwarfs
countered by committing more telling injuries on the humans.  The Blankoes first score during the
first half was almost answered by Hthark before a controversial illegal procedure was called against
the Chaos Dwarf team (the humans insist that the call was valid due to evidence of a poisoned dart
found in one of their team mates).  During the second half, Tom Morph's Dwarves were stymied by the
advent of the human blitzers around the ball after a series of failed pick ups.  The mysterious
appearance of a giant flying fist knocked the swarming hobgoblins aside allowing the Blankoes an
opportunity to retrieve the ball and score a second touchdown.  Things were not looking well for the
humans whose ranks had been thoroughly drained when they kicked off to the Wharf Dwarf team.  In a
feral display of carnage, Blanko fans surged onto the pitch and pummeled the Dwarves in such a manner
that their numbers matched that of the humans.  No further scores were seen during the game.
Game Stats= score2-0, Casualties2-6, Cash Prizes90k-60k, #5Argent York gains Stand Firm, #8Argent
Pepper gains +1agility.  My cards: Referee and Labaats Flying Fist.  Their cards: Magic sponge and
Assassin.  #4White Cloud is recovering from a concussion received during this game.  Received.