Elves wondering if the apocolypse happened.

In one of the most exciting matches of the season, the underdog Dander Blankoes manage a hard fought
OT victory over the Apocalypse Drow Redux.  Game highlights start with #1Enola Gaia single handedly
forcing #6Unk Olard (a human friendly Ogre) off the pitch in typical Witchy fashion, thus enabling
her team mates to wrest the ball from the humans and score the initial touchdown of the game; a
score that took the albinos the rest of the half to tie.  The Drow manage to gain the lead again
after a time consuming drive during the second half.  Things looked bad for the Blankoes on their
attempt to score with little time on the clock, but a surfeit number of casualties afflicted the
Dark Elves and allowed the pigment-less humans a last minute tying score.  Despite winning the coin
toss and receiving the ball in the sudden death overtime drive, the Apocalypse Drow displayed an
unusual lack of agility and were unable to pick up the ball.  Using superior numbers to their
advantage, the Dander Blankoes recover the ball and drive for the game winning score.
Game Stats: score3-2, casualties5-2, kills1-0, Cash Prizes90k-70k.  My cards: injured in practice,
grasping tentacles of Altanson.  His Cards: Keloefesons magic foot, inspired play, and Faked play. 
#7 Elric gains Strong Arm, #8 gains Side Step, and #11 gains Block.  The inclusion of the teams
first cheerleader onto the team roster was greeted with more aplomb than the teams acquisition Of
Frank N Steen's (Pronounced Frahnk in Steen so as not to be confused with the Evil Ash's Deadites
player with a similar spelled name) contract.