Dander Blankoes disrupt the Deadites

Most of the game action actually occurred before the kick off even took place.  The Deadites not
only suffered a players strike as fans were filing into the stadium, but their star player Count
Luthor seemed to have contracted some illness that made him miss an entire drive in the second half.
 The Albino team entered the game with a tad too much confidence, and fans of the team noticed the
slovenly play(Player Strike,Rakarths petty spite vs. Bad habits cards).  The Deadites initial drive
seemed doomed to failure since the humans seemed to find their ball carrier time and again.  However
the humans could never capitalize on any of their recoveries and lost the ball just as often. 
Despite the tragedy that struck the Undead team near the end of the first half, they eventually
managed to recover the ball and score the initial touchdown of the game.  Blood Bowl fans around the
world are gathering in impromptu vigils to honor the passing of Frank N Stien, who died at the hands
of the human players Frank N Steen(frawnk en Steen).  The second half was all Blankoes.  After tying
the game up mid way through the second half, the human team was able to cudgel their way through the
Deadite lines and take the ball to gain the victory.
Game Stats:Score2-1, Cas2-1, Kills1-0, Cash prize 30k.  #11 Whit Hot gains tackle.