Sub par play allows Chuck Norse to dominate game

The bad habits and lackadaisical gamesmanship of the Dander Blankoes exhibited in their last game
against Evil Ash's Deadites continued in this weeks game against the Chuck Norse.  The only notable
endeavor the albino's managed was keeping any score occurring during the first half of the game. 
When reporters tried to get the reaction from the Blankoes head coach, he lost his composure and while
shouting obscenities, attacked the reporters with the aid of his ogre body guards.  Nuffle officials
are sanctioning hefty fines against the coaching staff of the all albino team in an effort to keep
the violence on the pitch instead of off it.
Game Stats: score=0-1, Casualties=1-3, Cash prizes60,000-90,000.  My card= Lurve potion.  His cards=
injured in practice, labaats flying fist, and land mine.  The Dander Blankoes chastised coach has
stepped up the teams practice sessions in order to offset the recent poor showings of his team
(ReRoll purchase).