Head N Shoulders But Small and Fast

Bob Costus Reporting:

       After the long delay in play due to NAF talks with the Lizardmen Coach about when he is 
going to be able to have use of his team, the flaky stalemate over a player demanded collective 
bargaining agreement finally ended and the Lizardmen played the Necromantic Team. Perhaps it was 
because one of the teams has rotten brains or the stubborness of the pea-brained Lizardmen that it 
took so long to come to an agreement. 4 teams will be playing another game before next weeks world 
popular tradition of Monday Night BloodBowl. Both teams played well and a skinks bones and blood 
was permanently added to the field by a nasty hit from Zombie #3 "Braaaainnnns." The Deadites 
started the game kicking off and despite a turnover giving them possession of the ball for a few 
turns, the skinks recovered it and scored at the end of the half. 
 In the second half the Deadites managed to run down the right side of the pitch just on the out of 
bounds line eventually performing a handoff to the waiting Wight Sheila for the equalizing TD. All 
skinks were eliminated but one which in the end won for the Lizardmen in overtime despite having to 
pick up the ball in their own in-zone. Those Skinks are small and fast and tonight the last one 
left was good enough. The Necromantic teams players ran several players back toward the lone skink 
just after picking up the ball but soon were left running the other way as the skink got to mid-
field in one turn. Both teams hit well and took some hits too and Dagger Man was in top form 
injuring more than a couple. Zombies got a Gouged Eye but regenerated and the Lizardmen got a few 
game-ending injuries. But, The S-W Dagger fell in love with an audience member and was not seen for 
the rest of the game. 
A 1 to 2 loss for Evil Ash's Deadites. Once again this is Bob Lostus reporting.