Deadites Slaughtered

Henrietta the Ghoul met her end tonight. She was babbling about swallowing the dark elves souls. 
Rumors from sources said the fans closest to the field heard the killer elf yell "Swallow this!"
One of the MVP's of the night was the team favorite #3 Brainnnnnns. The most brutal the whole season 
holding the team record for casualties. The team was down to 3 players by the mid first half but 
Braiiins kept going. The Count, the killer chainsaw, the wights, ghouls, werewolf, and all but 3 
zombies gone but Braaiiins stayed in the whole game. Speculation exists that this slaughter somehow 
did affect him for he is now a DIRTY PLAYER. Some tragedies stay with you even in death, practitioners 
of the dark arts claim. The other sympathy MVP was Evil Ash II the Chainsaw. Ejected early but still 
the crowd loves to seem him go after anyone as fans tend to be eager for blood.  The whole game was a 
Charity Match and upped their Fan Factor by 1 but perhaps the Deadites did not play as hard as they 
usually do or perhaps they were asked to throw the game for the little Dark Elf children and sick 
people. The Count wanted nothing to do with it about two turns in and stayed out for the rest of that 
game. Spectators report that he was eating Popcorn, one of the Dark Elf number one lady fans. As they 
dead were dropping stars emerged and Wight Sheila known by her catch phrase I may be bad but I feel 
good and her getting ugly real fast, was anything but ugly. 3 caught passes to the "Asshole" Scott the 
werewolf may make her a future star. The Dark elves slipped on a Banana Peel and Tentacles prevented a 
3rd TD in the last turn of the game. Score could of been worse but not much else. Bob Lostus signing