Blood Bath in Season Opener!

(Toadstool Times- CPI):
Well the new Search for the Spike! Season is off in running with an record setting Opening 
 Day where League wide over 30 casualties were caused.  Our own Mushroom Manglers 
held their own by delivering 4 themselves.  3 by early MVP candidate Throb'n Org'n, recently 
signed at great cost from the Kirith Ungol Krushas.  The other was a spectacular fatality 
involving the Ravagers nasty Rat-Ogre.
The Manglers took the kickoff and lurched down the field.  Though they eventually scored, it 
is clear that it will take a while for this team to develop some sort of offensive game plan.  
 The Skaven scored on their possession and the score was tied, though there were fewer 
 and fewer players on both sides.  The Gobbo's managed to push the ball down the field 
 once more to up the score to 2-1, with two turns left.A timely blitz removed the ball and the 
  Gobbos had a chance to tack on another point.  Throb'n did his job by launching a gobbo 
  downfield.  Unfortunately the showboating goblin stumbled on his way into the end zone, 
  ending the game.
Roster Moves:  

  Hired an Apothecary
 Goblin #7 was cut from the team because he got himself killed.