Goblins Lose in Double OT.

 (Toadstool Times - CPI):

Goblins burn out in the first round of the playoffs after running out of goblins in the second 
OT.  Manglers had a chance in the first OT as Throb'n couldn't quite shake loose of his 
pursuers and fell just short of the EZ.  
The Skaven took the opening kickoff but coughed up the ball immediately.  The goblins 
recovered briefly, only to have Boing get decked and viciously fouled.  The skaven only had 
the ball for a moment before Throb'n go his mitts on it.  Eventually the greenies broke free 
and scored.  
Unfortunately, the skaven dirty player had reduced the goblins down to 5 players for the 
second half.  The Manglers held the ball as long as they could and almost were able to take 
the air out of  it, unfortuately the lone goblin couldn't stay on his feet, thereby giving the Rat's 
just enough time to tie up the game.

Ravagers won the first OT toss, but lost the ball to the four goblin defenders.  Throb'n recover 
as heroically pushes the ball all the way up field with rats draped all over him the whole way, 
eventually succumbing to a failed dodge just short of the score.  

None of three Gobbo KO's were willing to play the second OT, leaving just Throb'n and 
Basher to take on the rats by themselves.  Even then there was a sliver of hope as the 
Rat-ogre freaked just at the wrong time. But alas it wasn't to be...,

Roster Moves:
    Freebooted a goblin for 20K

Commentary from da Coach: I did as well as I could, it's just that gobbos proved to be too 
breakable, you can't win consistently when you only have two big guys on pitch, which 
happened all too frequently during the season. This particular game was lost when the 
skaven dirty player fouled virtually every turn injuring EIGHT players, as I tried to foul that 
player three times, rolling doubles twice and not only stunning him. Not getting access to 
general skills just puts the little green guys at too big a disadvantage, as most agility skills 
are nigh-on worthless (you already have the good one in dodge) I did good early on, as 
Throb'n could pretty much do everything himself.  As the season wore on though, other 
teams improved and mine couldn't.