Manglers Mob Dorks!

(Toadstool Times - CPI):

In a stunning upset of their biggy rivals, the Mushroom Manglers defeated the Gorgoth 
 Greenskins 2-1 to take early season bragging rights for goblinoids everywhere.  Cabavision 
  globes are all abuzz as the upstart Goblins have come out of the gate en fuego taking 
 their first two games.
The Manglers won the toss and elected to receive before a SRO crowd of 66,000 greenies.
Star Ogre Throb'n Org'n took the bad kick and pushed the ball up the field, laying a BOB low 
on a crushing Blitz taking a cage full of Boyz with him. There was controversy early when the 
 BOB on  his butt came off the field lame,  the refs tossed Gobbo #9, later quoted: "I dinna do 
 nothin -  they gotsit in fer me" and the play went on.The Orcs surrounded Da Cage but 
 couldn't  bring the big guy down.  Eventually Boing Scrapweasel took the Handoff and 
 bounced in for the score.
The Orcs took the kickoff and swept up field on the student body right to knot the score at 1-1.  
 They  quite suspiciously kicked the ball into the far coffin corner on the ensuing KO.  Some 
fans report seeing a mystical boot around the ball.  As the ball was so far back the goblins 
were unable to advance it before the half.

The second half opened with the Orcs taking the ball and repeating the sweep they executed 
  so successfully earlier in the game.  This time the Manglers were ready.  They bunched up 
the Greenskins on the sideline, leaving Throb'n to do a massive blitz of the Orc cage, when 
 all the shoving was over,  the ball carrier ended up in the crowd.  The Goblins recovered the 
  throw-in and headed down field.  They .. could .. go .. all .. the .. way.  TD! Gobbos go 
up 2-1 leaving the orcs without enough time to score. 

Next up the re-energized Crusader franchise. 

Roster Moves:
    Hired 2 Goblins 
   +1 FF
Injury Report:
   Wooge Wisspizzen (#6) out nursing a gouged eye.