Fungi Streak at Three!

(Toadstool Times - CPI):

The Mangers topped the previously undefeated Jell-O Crusaders in a 10 round  defensive 
slugfest.  The score was 1-0 with 9 total casualties doled out. The gobbos pushed their 
 winning streak to 3 games, riding solidly on the brawny shoulders of  Star Ogre Throb'n 
The early news out of the Skaven dugout was that a Flu Bug had run through their locker 
room leaving one linerat heaving in the corner and the rest of the team looking a bit green.  
 The Manglers won the toss and took the opening KO on a touchback.  Throb'n took the ball 
and started it up field.  The nimble Skaven closed off the left so the goblins reversed the 
field to the right.It was a race to see who would have enough players as the the goblin 
 cage slowly evaporated as it moved up the field.  Finally on turn 8, the Skaven had bottled up 
the goblins in the corner, leaving it to Clyde 'the Glyde' to sneak right underneath the legs of 
 the skaven defenders for the TD, leaving the rats without enough time to score.
The Skaven took the deep second half kick and advanced it quickly  into scoring position. 
Throb'n opened a corner of the cage.  The Skaven rat-ogre moved up on a blitz 
only to slip on what looked like a Banana Peel! That left the gobbos with the opening 
 they were looking for. Throb'n separated the ball from the carrier and the rat's shoulder as 
well, and the Ball bounced straight into his capable mitts.  From then on the Gobbos played 
 keep-away eventully running out the clock. When the horn sounded there were three 
  Manglers on the pitch.

Roster Moves:
    No  Roster Moves

Injury Report:
   #7 out nursing a gouged eye.
  #4 out with a damaged back (niggle)