Thrilla against the Swilla!

 (Toadstool Times - CPI):

Mushroom Manglers defeated the Svenska Swillers (2-1) in a no holds barred 3 period OT 
game that had everything.It was raining hard as the game started, making the drenched 
 crowd of 58000 even more tense.  When the rumor of a goblin 'spoiling' the Swiller's mead 
supplies in the concessions area spread to to the stands, a Riot broke out,  chewing up 
nearly half of the openning period.  When order was finally restored, the Goblins swept left, 
 then right, then right up the middle for a 3 turn score on turn 8.  The rain tapered off as the 
half ended.

The Swillers took the ball after the break and swept right.  Depleted numbers left their cage 
not fully closed and Throb'n took advantage by blitzing into the thick of it and extracted the ball 
from the hapless norseman.Just when it looked like the goblins were going to saunter down 
the field for the win, an amazing gutsy play by Star Blitzer Slapjaw sent Throb'n into the 
Goblin Marching band.  This turned out to be fortuitous as Throbn met a likely young goblin 
who was first chair of  the chainsaw section who joined the team on the spot.Meanwhile on 
the pitch, the Norse completed a near Skaven-like passing play that got the throw-in from 
one end of the field to the other for a TD.
As the ensuing kick was in the air, all vestiges of the morning rains cleared and the weather 
became VERY Sunny,  blinding the weak-eyed greenies.The kick went short and the goblins 
seemed to be completely unable to pick up the ball.  It was a mad scrum for the remainder 
of the half  as the ball bounced around wildly.  At the very last second Org'n broke from the 
pack and hurled a goblin down field in a picture perfect throw, unfortunately the goblin  
burned on re-entry, sending the game into OT.
The Norsemen fans, mistakenly believing they'd won rushed the field and whacked 5 goblin 
players.  At that point it was anybody's game as it was 4 on 4.Throb'n had the ball briefly, but 
lost it  when some mystic tentacles tripped him up.  The Swillers couldn't recover it .  The 
pivotal moment came when Slapjaw got  cut-up and left the field.  At that point Org'n couldn't 
be stopped, despite several valiant tries.  Goblins win 2-1. 
Roster Moves:
    #13  Chainsaw Gobbo - gained thru That Boy's Got Talent

Injury Report:
   #2 RIP -  Also won MVP for his sterling example of getting killed twice.  Once on the pitch, 
 and later getting his body ripped apart by Svenska fans as it lay in the dugout.
   #3 RIP