Mushrooms Diced!

(Toadstool Times - CPI):

There is much sadness in the goblin enclaves around the Old World as the undefeated 
Manglers got beat out by their archrivals in Stunty Bowl I.  Clearly they were looking past this 
week's game to the break and just didn't execute.The Bad Press that has been hounding the 
team this week clearly has had an effect on the team's demeanor.67000 fans packed the 
arena expecting an entertaining bloodfest.  Many of the goblin fans left in disgust by halftime 
as the Goblins couldn't Block and chew gum a the same time.  
The Chefs took the opening kick and lumbered up the field behind their formidable grove of 
treemen. The goblins broke the cage and even had the ball briefly, but coughed it up and the 
buggers scored late in the half.The bugger Blitzed the kickoff to little effect, but it did slow 
down the Mangler drive.  Mangler veteran Boing Scrapweasel grabbed th touchback and 
bounced down into the open field.  Unfortunately he lost control of the pogo he was riding 
and dumped the ball short of the End Zone.  The Buggers recovered it briefly, only to lose it 
immediately on a counter attack by Throb'n.  Scrapweasel atoned for his mistake by 
recovering the ball and going in for the tie.

The Chefs came out of the half  breathing fire.  They Blitzed the kickoff again and due to the 
goblins inability to get the ball, were able to score when a bugger recovered the ball in the 
endzone.  What goblin fans that were left promptly Rioted holding up the match for a little 
while.  The kickoff came up short and a standoff ensued with neither team having an 
advantage.  The Ball eventually scattered to the Chefs advantage and Deeproot tossed a 
bugger into the second deck. The goblins nearly tied the game when Boing recovered the 
throw-in, pushed it to get the ball to another goblin, Throb'n hurled said goblin down the field 
into what would have been scoring position, unfortunately the goblin scattered short three 
consecutive times leaving him just out of scoring position.  (5% chance of that happening) 
The big news out of the Goblin front office is that they were able to conclude negotiation with 
Star Troll Basher, who signed with the team for 170,000 crowns.  That should shore up the 
backbone of the Mushroon defensive line.
Roster Moves:
  FF -2  Bad Press and went down after game!
  #16 Basher the River Troll hired.

Injury Report:
  #7  RIP - Got MVP for spectacularly snapping his own neck on a dodge!

Commentary from da Coach:  My '1' on winnings is the 4th 1 out of 5 games,  the other roll 
was a 2!!!!  That's bringing in the bucks!