Manglers Back On Track

(Toadstool Times - CPI):

A re-energized Mushroom Mangler team returned from the by-week ready for business. They 
bounced back from their devasting loss to the Chefs by beating the Ravagers 3-1.  There 
were some empty seats as a crowd of only 46000 was on hand to watch this re-match of 
opening day.

The Goblins took the opening kickoff and set up the cage deep in their own half of the field. 
The Skaven crowd mistakenly 'Got' the ref (a Skaven official accused of favoring the 
Ravagers in previous games), who was already Biased towards their team anyway. This 
would prove decisive as the replacement ref, renowned for his love of the chainsaw, allowed 
Gonzo to work his magic in each and every succeeding drive. 

The blocking was initially fairly even as both teams battled in a mighty scrum near the center.  
As time went on part of the goblin line surged forward around stalwart Blocker Throb'n Org'n, 
the remaining goblins were steadily getting pushed back, barely able to protect the ball.  
Suddenly, goblin ball-carrier Wooge Wisspizzon appeared like Magic out in the open.  He 
raced into the protection of the forward cage and went in for the score.

The Skaven scored easily before the half tieing the score.

A short riot held up the game briefly to start the second half.  The Skaven drive was foiled 
when their Rat-ogre blew his stack and frenzied Star Troll Basher deep into Goblin lines, 
where he was seriously injured amid a sea of green. Throb'n covered the ball and the 
goblins put the hurt on the Rats, all the while burning the clock. Throb'n scores and the 
Manglers go up with 1 turn left.

The Skaven do what they can with their limited numbers and single turn. With their 
remaining time, the goblin blitzer Gutsquisher decks the skaven ball carrier, gets the ball, 
and pushes it up the field.  Then Throb'n tosses emerging star Wisspizzon upfield in a 
perfect spiral.  Wisspizzon sticks the landing, takes the hand-off, and go-for-its for a 
meaningless score (how many 5's &6's can be rolled in succession?).  The first successful 
Thrown Team Mate of the year. 

Roster Moves:
  #14  Bombadier Hired
Injury Report:
  #10 Groin Strain - Injured himself trying to go for an interception.

Commentary from da Coach: My blocking dice were on fire this game, and the injury dice 
were en fuego as well.  The game is easy when you don't have to use re-rolls.