Scrapweasel Saves Day

 (Toadstool Times - CPI):

Pouring Rain couldn't put a damper on Mangler fortunes as 49000 fans endured the 
remains of Hurricane Ethel as the Goblins faced Crunchy Conference foe Capricions.  
Neither team could field a full roster as injuries (and deaths!) had depleted both teams. 

The Goats won the toss and got things off with a bang as goblin #5 was immediately killed 
on the opening Block.  He would be avenged as a furious Throb'n countered by sending the 
Chaos Minotaur to the ER on a counter Blitz.  Basher and Org'n went back to back and held 
off the entire Chaos line.  Eventually, the Goats needed to move the ball into scoring and 
since neither team had enough players to cage up, he had to take his chances in the open 
field.  Gonzu Ginzu'ed the ball carrier, and the ball bounced to the sidelines.  Both teams 
scrambled to get it, but it squirted into the crowd.  Mangler fans threw it towards the 'Cions 
goal and ace pogo-er Boing Scrapweasel was the only player with enough speed to recover.  
Manglers burned clock and went into the half up 1.

Manglers got the ball in the 2nd, and, due to lack of numbers, were stuck deep in their side 
of the field.  Gonzo flooded his chainsaw and was never able to get it started. Again Throb'n 
and Basher held the entire Chaos team off for a while.  The Chaos coach correctly changed 
strategy and started sending players downfield to threaten the ball.  The first Chaos Warrior 
to do so though got whacked on an amazing 2-die diving tackle that took Gonzo down but 
injured the CW.  The next wave of goats got thru but were unable to tackle the elusive Boing.  
Scrapweasel did the patented 'Hide The Ball' play and broke free of the over-commited 
goats. He..could..go..all..the..way!  

Gobbos win 2-0.

Roster Moves:
  #2 Goblin hired.   
  #3 Goblin hired.

Injury Report:
   #8 Killed on the openning kickoff.
  #5 Fractured Arm.

Commentary from da Coach:  I got lucky that Daren couldn't take down Scrapweasel on any   
of the several opportunities he had.