Goblins Goofups Galling!

 (Toadstool Times - CPI):

In a much anticipated rematch of Creampuff conference juggernauts, the Jell-O Crusaders 
exploited Goblin miscues to tie up the season series by defeating the gobbos 3-1.  The 
skaven were able to come thru even though many of their key players were out with the flu. 
The goblin coach was at a loss to explain his team's poor performance,  "The boyz seemed 
kinda down in the second half, we couldn't shake this feeling of Doom and Gloom".  

The Manglers won the toss and elected to receive.  They proceded to roll over the rats and 
move the ball in for a relative easy score.The Skaven bungled their intitial possession, but 
were able to score thanks to a goblin tripping and a mysterious play where a gutter runner 
covered much more ground than one would think even THEY can cover.

The second half started with the angry and predominately furry crowd cowing the Skaven 
Ref, Skeve Jhavie,  who has been dogging the Goblin team all season long.The Skaven 
scored easily and the ball went back to the Gobbos, who pushed it up the field effectively, but 
when Scrapweasel push it into the open, the normally sure footed Pogo-wrangler took a 
spill.The lone skaven GR recovered the ball and sent it far down field out of harms way. The 
Skaven then got to the ball before the goblins (thanks to some inept boobery on the part of 
the Gobbos) salting the game away.
The only thing left was a thrown rock that Injured a Skaven lineman.

Roster Moves:
  Hired #7 Goblin
  Retired #4 due to his second Niggling - became Blocking Coach (he knows how to take a 
hit better than anybody on the team!)
Injury Report: 
  #4 got a 2nd Niggling + the MVP!

Commentary from da Coach:Game was really closer than the score indicates.  I had just too 
many turns end prematurely (mostly by both down results on two die blocks) to win the