Mushroom Manglers Mash Micks

(Toadstool Times - CPI):

Manglers surge into first place by defeating Crunchy Conference leading Filthy Micks.  65000 
fans packed into Mangler Stadium ("The Ol Rotting Log") on a perfect day for blood bowl, 
expecting to see a top notch scrum between two of the best teams this season.  And boyo 
they weren't disappointed.

The Manglers won the toss and to the surprise of many elected to put their defense on the 
field to open the game. Goblins fans roared when it was announced that a Fanatic had been 
freebooted especially for the match.  Clearly this caught the dwarves flatfooted, as the 
greenies Blitzed the kickoff, throwing the dwarf line in disarray.  Further compounding squat 
difficulties, the ball sailed all the way to their own EZ, a very long way for those short legs to 
run.  In a pivotal early play, Star Blitzer M. Jorgensen, widely known for his questionable 
tactics, got ejected almost immediately, followed to the locker room by the Dwarf Coach.  
perhaps for the first time all season, the dwarfs were caught with a numbers disadvantage, 
and eventually exposed the ball to Gonzo Ginzu who sliced and diced the ball loose.  
Goblins recovered, but couldn't score before the half.

The Second half opened on an up note for dwarfs as their Cheering Fans bolstered a 
general feeling of Doom and Gloom that had settled over the beardy dugout.  Dwarf reserves 
overpowered the goblin line, steadily removing players and pushing them back.  Finally with 
only 5 players left, the goblins were forced to make a desperate run for it.  Once in the open 
field Boing Scrapweasel easily outpaced the squat-legged dwarfs scoring the games sole 


Roster Moves:
    Freebooted a Fanatic for 35K

Injury Report:
   #7  Goblin Killed.
   #11 Goblin Killed.
  #10 Goblin Fractured Skull.

Commentary from da Coach: My general strategy worked fairly well this game. My main 
mistake was not running from his defensive line soon enough.  I could only use three of my 
incredible 5 cards.