This was a long drawn out battle between The Capricions and the Gorgoth Greenskins. These teams from
the Crunchy division form the BIGGEST rivalry in the league, as well as one of the biggest in Blood 

Bowl history! Although the Head coaches of these two teams are long time friends, they were out for 

blood!(Or so they said) There has been some speculation surrounding this game.  First off, this was 

such a low scoring gam, only ONE touchdown ocurred, and it took 19 turns to do it! Secondly, no one 

was even remotely hurt. All injuries were either healed on site by team Apothecaries, or were so 
slight, that no player on either teams will even have to miss a game! Rumors say that the Greenskins
were bribed to stall ANY TDs until the last possible minute. Others say Capricions were paid off to 

take a dive, or even that THEY paid of the Greenskins not to hurt them. (these last 2 scenarios seem
ulikely to me) Either way, fans are outraged, and a full on NUFFLE investigation is under way.