Chefs serve up first win

Kyusan Shireman -- lead commentator, in ""s
Bleeby Ota -- color commentator, in ''s

Blutto Ota -- roving reporter, in **s

"A 3-2 point victory in overtime.  Quite a game, wouldn't you say, Bleeby?"

'A great game, Kyusan, but also a culinary achievement by the Chef's Master Gastromeister, Glumwort 

Takeshi.  The sounds from the audience weren't so much applause as a massed rumbling of stomachs!'

"You've got that right.  Takeshi used his talents to create a pungent rat-tail stew seeped in a 

delicate potato broth.  He's renown for his Brettonian-style of cooking."


"Go, Blutto"

*The story is that Takeshi couldn't find the necessary ingredients from his usual source, but was 
able to find an ample supply of rat-tails from the stadium not-dog vendors.*

"What a versatile chef they have there."

'The blokes on the pitch didn't do too poorly, either.  Michiba Butterfist throwing the first 
completion of the season to Hishiro Furryfoot, who immediately ran the ball in for the score!"

"It was a nice first drive, but their defense needed help."

'Needed help from the refs, you mean.  That dirty rat Ian Edge was dicing up players right an 
left!  You'd have to have your head pretty deep in the soup bowl to have missed that dagger.'

"Who needs refs when you've got the fans?  A retaliatory pitch invasion after the stabbing of Rollo 

Yutake left three Skaven hurting: one stunned, another K.O.ed, and a third, Alexi Anthrax, badly 



*Word from the stands was that the fans dragged off Alexi as the key ingredient for Takeshi's 
second-half meal.  Upon viewing the plague-ridden vermin, Takeshi refused to dirty his pots with 

"There's the upside to carrying a gruesome disease.  The Renders knotted the score near the end of 

the half with a pass from the legendary star, Will Warpstone."

'What was legendary was his knocking out Ironwood Axeblight!  Good show.'

"Receiving in the second half, the Renders scored quickly, again due to the arm of WW."

"Due to his arm, or magic?  The coach wasn't taking any chances, his team dispirited by Takeshi's 
2nd half cooking."

'Thought by some to be not quite as tantalizing as the first half stew, the odorous rat ear pie was 

enough to rob the Ravaging Renders of any second opportunities.'

"And again the Fans helped, cheers twice spurring the Gridiron Chefs to overachieve.  The loudest 
applause coming when Ironwood scored his second kill, dispatching #13: Max Meyhem"

'Unlucky thirteen.  The Chef's own #13, Morimoto Oddfellow, will be out next week with broken ribs, 

joining Gimli Koumei with a leg fracture.'

"But Blobbo Masahiko eased the pain, going for it in the final minute to score, forcing OT for the 

second time this season.  That's twice against Skaven teams.  The Ravagers chose to receive the OT 

kickoff, but could only field three players.  Not enough to stop Kaga Grandbelly from running in 
the winning score."

'The crowd went wild, pouring the tepid remains of Takeshi's stew over the head of coach Chugwine!  

Amazingly enough, an inconspicuous twenty-foot tall character approached the Chef's dugout just as 

their winnings were being paid out:  none other than Deeproot Strongbranch!  Impressed with the 

play of the rookie saplings, he was willing to sign on for half his normal salary.  Ninety thousand 

gold, exactly the treasury.'

"Quite a break for Gridiron Chefs there, as they'd been courting his services since game one, yet 
had all but given up hope by declaring bankruptcy after losing to the Filthy Micks."


"The last word, Blutto."

*The Chefs team rating increased by an unprecedented 24 points.  Coach Chugwine fears being 
overrated, but says he is happy with their newest player, who will be ready to take on the 
Capricions next week.  Master Chef Takeshi put in a vote of confidence, buying a book on Minotaur