Round-Up Loses To A Team That Didnt Even Have A Name!

After a valiant effort, Woody's Guys came up thumbs in the later stages of the game.    

Roster Moves:
  • Hired: Apothecary
  • FF: -1 (Naturally)
  • Injury Report: Two Deaths Commentary from da Coach: Despite my treeman taking root, I was doing pretty good until about turn 5 of the second half, then the wheels came off. I had a number of opportunities to take it to him but I'd fail on my very first action, then my guys would get worked. In OT I could nothing what-so-ever. It took me 4 turns to pickup the ball, then I managed fail a catch with catch. Plus I lost a 6 guy Pitch Invasion that killed one player. Another player was killed the next turn. I had a 3-1 card advantage, but his Hawkfing's Curse negated my Inspired Play. My Eye of the Eagle got me a score when the drive had bogged down. My other was an Extra Training which did nothing.