Round-Up Lassos Double Header

The tourney started approproiately with the Archangels and the Round-Up  facing off in the rarely 
played Sudden Death Dungeon Bowl playoff.  It was an exciting variation that flip flopped back and 
forth, ending with Slinky dodging by Griff to zip into the EZ.  This bought Woodies guys a first 
round match-up with the Undead.  Fortunately, like the game earlier in the season, the Undead just 
didn't come to play.  It was as if the mummies had wrapped themselves with Charmin for the game.  
They couldn't injure anyone.  Or perhaps it was the pouring rain that had softened the field.  In 
any case Woody has his way with the deadites.

Results: 4-0 3-3/0-0 Roster Moves: Freebooted Deeproot Injury Report: None! Commentary from da Coach: The Dungeon Bowl playoff was a blast. We'll have to do that some more. The Playoff game was pretty much all me. We both rolled sixes for cards so we had 7 total! For the second week in a row I had one of the best cards playable (against Undead) Sorry! That meant his injured DP stayed injured, always a good thing. My other cards were Unseen Shield and Demo Game.