Undead Succumb to Sweltering Heat.

Elfs outlast deadites in a sauna.  Win 2-1. 

Roster Moves:
  • Hired: Lineman
  • FF: +1
  • Injury Report: none Commentary from da Coach: Sweltering Heat was the saving factor for me this game. It usually favors the underdog. My handicap was no handicap as I rolled a 1 for cards. But my mediocre cards worked out alright. Blitzkrieg stopped his first score and Rakarth's Spell of Petty Spite kept the star mummy on the bench. I was very lucky on some kickoff rolls such that there were never all that many mummies on the field at any given time, and Frank got KO'd by a thrown rock to start the second. (never to return!!) On the second kickoff mid way thru the half The undead only were able to put 3 guys on the field (to my 5). Needless to say I played keep away and decided that the score wasn't worth the mummy pounding.