Toys headed for yard sale as amazons clean out closet.

Skulls abound as Elfs fall (literally in most cases!) to Amazons.

Results: 0-2 1-2/1-1 Roster Moves:
  • Hired: Woody Wardancer
  • Injury Report: replacement line-elf stabbed to death #3 Wheezy out with a niggled knee. Commentary from da Coach: Outcome decided before the coin toss when the treeman didn't show up to shoot around. Despite that, we did keep the Amazons out of the End Zone in the first half (thanx to a defective ball that burst just at the right time). However I couldn't overcome the numbers disadvantage. My scoring opportunity was stopped when block and dodge were of no avail during the one turn the player was vulnerable. For all of that, I had a good post-game where I maxed out enough winnings to hire Woody Wardancer and my Tackling Lineelf used some designer steriods that got him a +1 ST.