Elfs Toy with Lizards

Woodies defeat another crunchy foe and avoid the Reaper to even up record.

Results: 4-2 1-1/0-0 Roster Moves:
  • FF +1
  • RC gets a battery replacement that gives him a turbo boost with a +1 MA and Sprint.
  • Mr Potatohead was injured for a -1 ST but the Apothecary overdid the cure and instead he got a +1 ST!
  • Rex actually played in the game and learned to Block
  • Slink most likely learned to Block as well
  • Injury Report: Commentary from da Coach: Treeman showed up, collected a Cas right off the bat, then in appreciation for being there, the team gave him the MVP. All in all was a very good game for me. The start was shakey, as I snake-eyed my 1st catch, then my guy going for the score got Mind Blowed. Jake got the ball and I couldn't stop him. After that it was all me. Spread the ball around and scored 4 unanswered goals. I was helped in the Final turns by the Rookie Krox alternatively being bone-headed and double skulling. I tried some point whoring to no avail, tho it led to a funny sequence where I rolled 5 straight ones on a pass play that ended with the ball in a receiver's hands so there wasn't a turnover! Post game was great except I only managed to roll '3' on 2 dice for winnings.