RC Has A Goblin Ho Down

Toylanders move above .500 with 2-0 win over Goblins.  Very Sunny conditions immediately 
gave way to Pouring Rain which put a damper on anybody picking up the ball in the first 

Results: 2-0 2-3/0-0 Roster Moves:
  • FF +1
  • Slink comes thru with a +1 MA.
  • Injury Report: Commentary from da Coach: Slink gets the MVP for making 7 catches from RC in a second half point ho-fest. The first half consisted of two lines of players looking a the ball, afraid to attempt a pickup in the pouring rain. I finally pulled a Darren and dodged the treeman onto the ball, it scattered perfectly and we were off and scoring. Oddly enough, I was able to get numbers in the second and settled for CMPs rather than TD's. Neither of my cards (Crazed Ref and Large donation) were useful or even used. Late in the game the gobbos rolled a serious number of ones in their dodge attempts, compounding their problems considerably.