Round-Up Seek Redemption

4-3 OT victory against Archangels.

Results: 4-3 3-1/0-0 Roster Moves:
  • FF +1
  • RC gets some extra traction with Sure Feet
  • Woody is extra Agile with a bonus skill of some sort
  • Jessie joins the Round-Up Injury Report: Commentary from da Coach: I was waiting for my dice to completely betray me, but an odd thing happened - they didn't! I had a couple double skulls and snake-eyes during the game, I thought it was all over when my treeman failed a go-for-it, re-rolled, and then failed again. But Daren did the exact same thing on his next turn, so my guys escaped with their lives. Game went to OT, I won the toss. The Humans set up in deep cover, making it unlikely for a one-turn score. I whacked his victims but didn't advance the ball enough. He pinned me up against the sidelines. I knew that I'd have a difficult time getting out of Griff's leaping range, and sure enough he was able to take down my block/dodge Wardancer on an open smack (he did need a re-roll to do it tho). I'd seen this game happen many times, so I figured I was a goner. Then a weird thing happened, the ball scattered to Slinky in 2 tackle zones. He needed a 5 to snag it, 2 fail, Catch re-roll, a 5! He was 12 squares from the endzone but there were some players in the way. There was a a lot that yet could go wrong. First the easy stuff, Treeman 2-dies one of the obstructions down and blitzes to get an assist for the other obstruction. Turns out the other guy is 4-ST so I'm left with a 1 die block or a 2+ dodge to get another assist. I opt for the block, SMACKDOWN! OK, I dodge the ball carrier to the open field. Zingo! With a stroke of luck, Slinky was 1 square over the line of scrimmage, with his 10 move that means he can go the distance if he can roll two go-for-its. Not a failure on 11, Not a failure on 12! We Win! We Win! Card advantage was no advantage as Player Strike is worthless against and empty treasury. I Better Offered his Apothecary, and my Biased Ref was going to throw out the chainsaw anyway.