Flu Bug Ravages Elfs, but it can't stop R.C.

3-2 Last second TD equals big win against DWARF!

Results: 3-2 1-2/1-0 Roster Moves:
  • FF +1 (for Hall of Fame)
  • Lineelf #9 has tentatively been extended a contract Injury Report: none lasting Commentary from da Coach: We lost the time of possession, as the three turns we had the ball were all scoring drives. Flu Bug plus the treeman taking root had us down 4 guys at kickoff, including my best Wardancer. Looked pretty bleak. But I got his Chainsaw tossed on turn 1. From then on I ran like a scared rabbit. I actually made a full circuit around the field and was able to put enough pressure on the ball so he had to score. I had some good fortune on turn 8 with go-for-its and was able to open a hole and score (not to mention having an inaccurate pass scatter back to a catcher). Second half was more of the same. He had me down to 2 guys but all 4 of my KO's came back and I was able to 1-die an opening in his line and get in for the win. It's possible that all the missing players actually cost the dwarves SPPs as it wasn't exactly a 'target rich' environment. After two successful games back to back should I trust my dice? Other than Flu Bug Shawn's cards weren't too nasty (Blitzkrieg and Snack Break). Mine were HOF and Extra Training.