Flu Bug Ravages Amazons, but Elfs can't beat Dodge.

3-2 Last second TD equals big win against DWARF!

Results: 3-2 1-2/1-0 Roster Moves: no moves Injury Report: Three(!!!!) niggles (but one subsequently apothecaried) Commentary from da Coach: Started fantastic, Flu Bug took out 3 guys, got a blitz, recovered the ball and scored a defensive TD. Then the Amazons started with the fouling, tried to counter but I was Under Scrutiny. Constant fouling kept numbers against me and I was unable to get anyone tossed. Couldn't get my customary 1-turn score cuz of a perfect defense combined with the ball scattering to the worst possible square. We traded scores and went to OT. Lost the toss in OT and didn't roll a single SMACK out of 14 die flurry in the critical turn. Post-game was OK as the SPPs I did get fell ideally to the players who needed them. Both my ST4 dudes got Block and the Rex got a second skill (tho sadly not doubles).