Round-Up Pin Bumblers in OT

3-2 Last second TD equals big win against NORSE!

Results: 3-2 1-4/0-0 Roster Moves:
  • 50K paid to get Bullseye out of the Stable
  • Injury Report: Alien #5 out with a concussion. Commentary from da Coach: In a game typical for this season, I score on my turns and run on his. A late game Norse fumble keeps us from scoring 3 in regulation. Lost the toss in OT but he actually started to lose players. He didn't really have enough guys around to erect an effective cage. Still I made a a one die stab into the cage once with Woody, failed, fell back, he got wedged against the sideline, and on the critical turn double skulled. Woody again leaped in and 1- died the ball OB and got back to put a TZ on it. He put a thousand TZ's on the ball. I managed a dodge and a go-for-it to push a guy onto the ball, it scatters thru Morg's mitts and into an adjacent square. All I needed to do was pick it up on a 2+ and use my Eye of the Eagle to win. Woody muffed it. All the Norse needed to do was pick it up and grind out the win on the next turn. He got the ball again but could only make a three sided cage. Woody leaped into the open square, 1-died the thrower doing a KO. The ball bounced into 2 TZ's on the far side of two blitzers. Having unexpectedly succeeding with the blitz I decided to push my luck, dodge into 2 TZ (3+), good!, dodge into 2 more TZ(3+) onto the ball, Good!, pick up ball (3+), GREAT!. From there the game was in the bag. Stand-up catcher and move 10 to take hand-off, whip out Eye of the Eagle and wing a bomb to a waiting RC. RC zips across the board for an easy score. His two cards were good, It Wasn't Me! and a Blatant Foul that removed the Treeman on turn 2. My Inspiration was rendered worthless when the Lineelf decided to improve his AG. Eye of the Eagle won the game which it does surpringly often.