The Filthy Micks

Team Roster

# Name PositionMA ST AG AVSkills Cmp TD IntCas Kill MVP SPP Cost
1Skot RaeLongbeard4329Block,Tackle,Thick Skull,GUARD000211970K
2Deevon MalcumLongbeard4329Block,Tackle,Thick Skull,GUARD,MIGHTY BLOW,PRO0004142870K
3Brien PeneLongbeard4339Block,Tackle,Thick Skull,+1AG,GUARD0002021470K
4Qurt SorensonLongbeard4329Block,Tackle,Thick Skull,MIGHTY BLOW,GUARD,DIVING TACKLE01012302770K
5Bobe SpurlokLongbeard4429Block,Tackle,Thick Skull,MIGHTY BLOW,GUARD,+1ST00010123070K
6Shon ChircheLongbeard4329Block, Tackle, Thick Skull,GUARD000300670K
7Eryck PeneRunner6338Sure Hands,Thick Skull,BLOCK,LEADER,DUMP OFF,NERVES OF STEEL71014015280K
8Brint ProvosteRunner6338Sure Hands,Thick Skull,BLOCK,DODGE,SIDE STEP,NERVES OF STEEL41203025680K
9Derhol JaksenBlitzer5439Block,Thick Skull,DIRTY PLAYER,+1ST,PRO01011034080K
10Mykal JorgensonBlitzer6339Block,Thick Skull,DIRTY PLAYER,MIGHTY BLOW,+1MA,PRO00039828880K
11Wilam MorTroll Slayer5338Block,Frenzy,Dauntless,Thick Skull,+1AG,DODGE,(PEAKED) (peaked)0004121190K
12Roberto GylamTroll Slayer5438Block,Frenzy,Dauntless,Thick Skull,MIGHTY BLOW,+1ST,+1AG00021204290K
13Ja TeethsfeldLongbeard4329Block, Tackle, Thick Skull000001570K
14Jow CukLongbeard4329Block, Tackle, Thick Skull000000070K
15RikardoWar Machine47110Mighty Blow, Stand Firm, Multiple Block0001000160K
16Grim IronjawDragon Slayer5438Block, Dauntless, Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull00015320150K
Team NameThe Filthy MicksRe-Rolls7x 40000280K
RaceDwarfFan Factor15x 10000150K
Team Rating313Assistant Coaches10x 10000100K
Treasury270000Cheerleaders10x 10000100K
Head CoachKevin PennApothecary1x 5000050K
Alchemist0x 1500000K
Total Cost Of Team2050K

League Games

# Opponent Score Gate $$$ Notes TDs Cas Kills
For Ag For Ag For Ag
Spike! I
1 The Capricions2 to 1W40K70K#4Qurt Kills PDagger BMan,#10Mykal Cripples(-1MA) BMan215110
2 Gridiron Chefs1 to 0W53K90KBankrupted opp.,almost lost guys thank god for apoth and scroll103202
3 Svenska Swillers2 to 1W53K100K#11Wilam Kills Lineman,#6Shon Cripples(N)Lineman,#2Deevon#10Mykal Ejected217410
4 Jell-O Crusaders1 to 0W50K40K#10Mykal Ejected,opp's whole team was sick and had to forfeit at half time103100
5 Gorgoth Greenskins0 to 0T69K70KBrutal game,couldnt get into the endzone tho,great game for #10Mykal007200
6 The Capricions2 to 1W58K0K#1Skot kills Bman,#7Eryck cripples chainsaw guy(-1MA),#10Mykal Ejected,#4Qurt kills PDagger Bman,#5Bobe cripples(-1ST)CWar218221
7 Rending Ravagers2 to 3L57K70KBeat um up good but couldnt stop them from getting in the endzone,#10Mykal cripples(N)a lineman and a gutter238000
8 Svenska Swillers2 to 1W69K70K#6Shon Ejected,#12Roberto kills lineman,#10Mykal kills blitzer,blitzer(slar), and Star Player217140
9 Mushroom Manglers0 to 1L65K125K#3Brien cripples(-1AV)Gob,#10Mykal Ejected,#4Qurt kills Gob,#5Bobe kills Gob,#2Deevon kills Gob016130
10 Gorgoth Greenskins1 to 0W52K50K#5Bobe Ejected,#12Roberto cripples(-1AV) blitzer,Free booted Grim for game and he got the MVP104400
QF Svenska Swillers2 to 1W104K70KBYE210000
SF Gorgoth Greenskins2 to 1W106K70K#16Grim kills blitzer and niggles orc,tied up game on my last turn to go into OT, got great rolls to start OT opp gave up216411
F Jell-O Crusaders0 to 2L0K0K020000
Chaos Cup II
1 Bloody Joes2 to 0W79K60K205200
2 Neighbrayska Khorne Tuskers0 to 2L84K30K028020
3 Black 'n Bluebloods2 to 0W98K50K204020
4 Moldheim City Ratmen1 to 4L119K50K1411030
5 Hanible Hashers1 to 2L92K80K126110
6 Bloody Joes0 to 2L77K60K0210520
7 Neighbrayska Khorne Tuskers0 to 1L113K10K017010
8 Black 'n Bluebloods1 to 3L127K30K136220
9 Hanible Hashers1 to 3L109K60K134210
10 Moldheim City Ratmen1 to 3L113K40K136310
Team Record: 11-11-11787K1295K Team Totals: 263213137274