Team Roster

# Name PositionMA ST AG AVSkills Cmp TD IntCas Kill MVP SPP Cost
1Ahmad Ibn Fahdlan Ibn Al AbbasStar Blitzer7449Block, Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Leader1605100170K
2King HrothgarBlocker4529Block, Mighty Blow0000000120K
3MelchisidekThrower6347Block, Pass,SURE HANDS,+1AG,TACKLE15501003270K
4Herger the JoyousLineman7337Block,DIRTY PLAYER,PRO,+1MA01015324350K
6RonethLineman6337Block,DIRTY PLAYER000211950K
7Helfdane the FatLineman6337Block000000050K
8Rethel the ArcherLineman6337Block,DIRTY PLAYER,PRO,PASS BLOCK00015324050K
10Weath the MusicianLineman6337Block,MIGHTY BLOW020000650K
11Haltaf the BoyLineman6347Block,MIGHTY BLOW,+1AG0003032150K
13WigliffChainsaw6337Chainsaw(8+), Block0002104110K
14Skeld the superstitiousBlitzer6337Block, Frenzy, Jump Up000000090K
15BuliwyfBlitzer6337Block, Frenzy, Jump Up,MIGHTY BLOW,PRO,TACKLE0207323090K
16WulfgarBlitzer6347Block, Frenzy, Jump Up,MIGHTY BLOW,+1AG0100021390K
Team NameEATERS of the DEADRe-Rolls2x 60000120K
RaceNorseFan Factor17x 10000170K
Team Rating195Assistant Coaches1x 1000010K
Treasury100000Cheerleaders0x 100000K
Head CoachKevin PennApothecary1x 5000050K
Wizard0x 1500000K
Total Cost Of Team1440K

League Games

# Opponent Score Gate $$$ Notes TDs Cas Kills
For Ag For Ag For Ag
Spike! III
1 Our Lady of Nuffle2 to 1W47K50K+1ff,#6 and#11 ejected,#16 kia216411
2 Mordorsota Timberwargs2 to 1W66K70K+1ff,#1 Ahmad gives us the game211000
3 Righteous Indignation2 to 0W69K0K+1ff,robbed,#11 ejected201110
4 Nubian Nihilators1 to 2L75K50K+1ff from card, even sometimes the sun shines on a dogs ass :)125320
5 Packland Blazers0 to 3L62K170K+1ff,i am not counting this game as it was not played by a newbie coach and a few other people will get an unfair match also, but some people got to benefit from the newbie031800
6 Our Lady of Nuffle2 to 0W90K110K+1ff,#5Edgtho kia203202
7 Sandy Eggo Beach Bum Hooligans3 to 0W73K110K+1ff,dice were on fire,chainsaws first hit was a kill3010320
8 Righteous Indignation2 to 1W78K80K+1ff,had a good start, 2 skills for #16Wulfgar218110
9 Chaos All Stars2 to 1W121K70K+1ff,#4Herger and #13Wigliff ejected213311
10 Packland Blazers2 to 1W77K90Kno ff,#13Wigliff ejected,#3Melchisidek gets 2COMP/1TD/1CAS,OT win216321
QF Packland Blazers1 to 0W118K70Kno ff,#1Ahmad Ibn scores on last turn for win106320
SF Mordorsota Timberwargs0 to 1L119K100Kno ff,#4Herger and#13Wigliff ejected,killed Varag, #16Wulfgar fails go for it to tie up game015210
Team Record: 9-3-0995K970K Team Totals: 19115533135