Team Roster

# Name PositionMA ST AG AVSkills Cmp TD IntCas Kill MVP SPP Cost
1Lucen SwiftLion Warrior9358Block, Catch, Dodge, Leap, Side Step, Diving Catch1901010180K
2Prince MoranionDragon Prince7448Block, Dauntless0000000140K
3ReggiePhoenix Warrior6348Pass,SURE HANDS,ACCURATE17000012280K
4Ned BradenLion Warrior8346Catch,BLOCK,DODGE,-1AV0402001690K
5McGrathLion Warrior8247Catch,BLOCK,DODGE,-1ST,NERVES OF STEEL1702202690K
6Killer CarlsonDragon Warrior7348Block,DODGE1001018100K
7OgilthorpeDragon Warrior7348Block,FRENZY2102009100K
10Steve HansonLineman4348DIRTY PLAYER,-1MA,PRO,-1MA (peaked)10013121870K
11Jack HansonLineman6348010000370K
12Tim McCrackenLineman6348LEADER,KICK1000031670K
15Ross'Mad Dog'MadisonLineman6348BLOCK,STRIP BALL1002121570K
16Andre'Poodle'LussierLineman6347BLOCK,-1AV,MIGHTY BLOW0304001770K
Team NameTohspalsRe-Rolls2x 50000100K
RaceHigh ElfFan Factor13x 10000130K
Team Rating183.5Assistant Coaches0x 100000K
Treasury45000Cheerleaders0x 100000K
Head CoachKevin PennApothecary1x 5000050K
Wizard0x 1500000K
Total Cost Of Team1480K

League Games

# Opponent Score Gate $$$ Notes TDs Cas Kills
For Ag For Ag For Ag
Dungeonbowl III
1 Mordhiem Prison Hardboys1 to 2L47K50Kno ff,special offer for a D.W., dice were not hot at all...5-1120201
2 Li'l Rascals1 to 0W77K110K+1ff,not too bad a game...killed one dwarf and mangled another,bought LW102010
3 Tree Huggers3 to 0W62K60K+1ff,dice are getting better...5 guys got skills this game...#4Ned was ejected for taunting after doing a casualty and then scoring a td in his first game303010
4 Bald-N-Short3 to 2W56K120K+1ff,+30k for will,lost 2 guys but bought Lucen Swift, pulled out win in OT322513
5 Rotterdam Roadkill3 to 5L62K40Kno ff,cant win rolling 4 sets of ones in first half351501
6 Mordhiem Prison Hardboys2 to 1W54K90Kno ff,good game he had some bad dice rolls near end and wasnt able to tie it up,bought Prince Moron,#10Steve ejt211000
7 ULU-TECH3 to 2W72K90K+1ff,dice were pretty good,#10Steve ejt,made a 1STR skink for him,won in OT323300
8 Tree Huggers2 to 1W86K60K+1ff from card,wood elves were dropping like flys,#10Steve ejt215301
9 Orcadian Onslaught2 to 1W97K110K+1ff,had big match,pretty uneventful game,stopped him from scoring a game tieing TD,#10Steve ejt,bought a RR210100
10 Rotterdam Roadkill4 to 3W70K30Kno ff, bankrupt me after --claiming he would not play card if i didnt play a card--, guess he burned that bridge....435000
QF Bald-N-Short2 to 0W110K90Kno ff,#10Steve ejt,got him in the begining with spy card and he missed me with his was all down hill for him after that.206010
SF Rotterdam Roadkill3 to 4L113K0Kno ff,#14Clarence KIA,was a good game for both sides,a few lucky rolls for not losing his guys saved him345611
Team Record: 9-3-0906K850K Team Totals: 2921332557