Representatives of Gelderland

Team Roster

# Name PositionMA ST AG AVSkills Cmp TD IntCas Kill MVP SPP Cost
1Jules De BergeracGrail Knight7539Block, Stand Firm, Strip ball, Leader, Pro, Mighty Blow00013400220K
3AdhemarSquire Thrower6337Sure Hands, Pass400000470K
6SimonPeasant6337DIRTY PLAYER,PRO0007011940K
10RolandSquire Thrower6336Sure Hands, Pass,ACCURATE,BLOCK,-1AV10101001570K
11Wat FalhurstSquire Catcher8237Dodge, Catch,BLOCK,SIDE STEP,NERVES OF STEEL0700012670K
12Geofrey ChaucerSquire Catcher8337Dodge, Catch,DUMP OFF,+1STR1300011570K
13L.M.A.A.Realm Knight6338Block, Stand Firm0000015100K
14BlackbirdRealm Knight6338Block, Stand Firm,MIGHTY BLOW,TACKLE00052220100K
15Sir Thomas ColvilleQuesting Knight6439Block, Stand Firm, Leader,MIGHTY BLOW,TACKLE03061021130K
16Sir William ThatcherQuesting Knight6439Block, Stand Firm, Leader,MIGHTY BLOW,GUARD,TACKLE02090549130K
Team NameRepresentatives of GelderlandRe-Rolls2x 60000120K
RaceBrettonianFan Factor14x 10000140K
Team Rating186Assistant Coaches0x 100000K
Treasury10000Cheerleaders0x 100000K
Head CoachKevin PennApothecary1x 5000050K
Wizard0x 1500000K
Total Cost Of Team1470K

League Games

# Opponent Score Gate $$$ Notes TDs Cas Kills
For Ag For Ag For Ag
Chaos Cup III
1 Chaos City Villains2 to 0W54K110K+1ff, apoth failed so catcher is missing next game, game went well, got 50k for kidnapping, bought RK203200
2 DVDA's Feverous Beavers2 to 1W70K110K+0ff,#4Ector ejected, no casualties whole game, won on last play of game with go for its210000
3 the Azure Flames2 to 1W82K110K+1ff,bad first half,scored for the tie on last turn with a fake play, then won toss and had him outnumbered and scored for win in OT, bought JDB215110
4 Venom Pit0 to 2L75K70K-1ff,#5P-DOA,#9J-ejt,Flu bug cut 3 key players and dice were very cold022110
5 Axlotl Loco1 to 2L64K90K+0ff,card advantage killed me but damaged his team a bit124200
6 Chaos City Villains2 to 1W68K60K+1ff,he had card adv and started out like a ball of fire but his bull failed a dodge and it was all down hill for him from there217441
7 Griff Oberwald Experience2 to 0W78K60K+1ff,retired a guy,lost a guy,bought 2 guys,I started out like a ball of fire and pretty much stayed on fire,dice were hot206312
8 the Azure Flames1 to 0W61K60K+1ff,good game, dice are still pretty hot, he had 2 card adv. but didnt do him much good...105010
9 Phillidelphia Faggots2 to 1W80K70K+1ff,he had a good start but he fell victim to the numbers adv i had, Jules kills star treeman 215110
10 Axlotl Loco1 to 0W84K70K+0ff,made some pretty lucky rolls in OT for win109702
QF the Azure Flames3 to 0W96K80K+1ff,free booted wiz and star catcher,#6 ejted,was actually a good game,lost a ff to card303220
SF Chaos City Villains0 to 1L114K80K+0ff,his dice were pretty hot, he KOed some key players early and they never came back in, made him earn his win tho0111000
Team Record: 9-3-0926K970K Team Totals: 1895033115