Jareth's Soldiers

Team Roster

# Name PositionMA ST AG AVSkills Cmp TD IntCas Kill MVP SPP Cost
1BasherRiver Troll4629Mighty Blow, Throw Team Mate, Foul Appearance, Regenerate0004210170K
2'Ripper' BolgrotStar Troll46110Regenerate, Mighty Blow, Throw Team Mate00010410150K
4JipGoblin5237Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff,-1MA010000340K
5AplonGoblin6237Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff,BLOCK,CATCH1001042340K
6KriwnGoblin6237Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff,DIRTY PLAYER,BLOCK0209002440K
7TuntGoblin6237Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff,BLOCK010001840K
8DrippetGoblin6237Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff,BLOCK,DIRTY PLAYER0002131940K
9YudeGoblin6237Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff,DIRTY PLAYER,BLOCK0006122240K
11EthewGoblin6237Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff000000040K
12HondrocGoblin6237Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff000000040K
13CheewChainsaw6236Chainsaw(8+), Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff,-1AV,DIVING TACKLE0003006100K
15PeekPogo-Stick6237Pogo-Stick(10+), Dodge,Stunty, Right Stuff,BLOCK,LEADER (niggled)0200011160K
16CeewChainsaw6237Chainsaw(8+), Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff,DIVING TACKLE,BLOCK00070119100K
Team NameJareth's SoldiersRe-Rolls2x 60000120K
RaceGoblinFan Factor10x 10000100K
Team Rating150Assistant Coaches1x 1000010K
Treasury50000Cheerleaders0x 100000K
Head CoachKevin PennApothecary1x 5000050K
Wizard0x 1500000K
Total Cost Of Team1180K

League Games

# Opponent Score Gate $$$ Notes TDs Cas Kills
For Ag For Ag For Ag
Spike! IV
1 Coote's Academy for Wayward Gentlewomen0 to 2L65K60K+1ff,from card,have to teach trolls to be better goblin throwers.......021501
2 DMG INC1 to 0W82K100K+1ff,unbelievable ending to this game, with only a single goblin left on the field and the entire eleven man lizard team on his ass, #6Kriwn runs the length of the field to score the winning TD101201
3 Arcadian Archangels1 to 2L63K90K-1ff,close good game ,couldnt pull it off in the end tho cuz you had too many goblins! >:| 121201
4 The Bone Crushers0 to 1L47K80K+-0ff,another good game but couldnt get things going our way....maybe too many goblins again??015210
5 Woody's Round-Up0 to 2L72K60K+1ff,did daren switch me teams?????023200
6 Coote's Academy for Wayward Gentlewomen1 to 2L84K100K-1ff,finally threw a goblin in for a TD, couldnt hold off an OT score by the zons tho....124320
7 Royal Rumblers0 to 2L85K130K0 ff,stupid trolls didnt want to come out of KO box til game was over023400
8 Arcadian Archangels0 to 2L83K90K0 ff,good game, we were actually kicking the crap out of them but our KOed guys didnt come in for the second half026330
9 DWARF!1 to 2L70K0K0 ff,broke dwarf armor like it was.....um....goblin armor....got robbed...127612
10 Woody's Round-Up0 to 4L66K80K0 ff,please let daren have the 3rd seat,please let daren have the 3rd seat......042611
QF Royal Rumblers2 to 0W109K90K0 ff,stupid daren foiled my evil plan.....dice were hot ,got pretty good cards208100
SF Woody's Round-Up0 to 4L111K50K0 ff,#14 knackered,#1 ejected042300
Team Record: 2-10-0937K930K Team Totals: 623433986