Baal's Minions

Team Roster

# Name PositionMA ST AG AVSkills Cmp TD IntCas Kill MVP SPP Cost
1Count Luthor Von DrakenborgStar Vampire6549Block, Dodge, Hypnotic Gaze, Regenerate01208230180K
2SliamChainsaw Zombie4328Chainsaw(8+), Regenerate,PRO0005101090K
5ErpeSkeleton5327Regenerate,DIRTY PLAYER,PRO,BLOCK00021514730K
6UtramSkeleton5327Regenerate,DIRTY PLAYER000101730K
7RileWight7339Block, Regenerate,SURE HANDS,+1AV,PRO,+1MA6906104590K
8BrprWight6339Block, Regenerate,LEADER,SURE HANDS,PASS BLOCK,+1AV2702013290K
11CusoZombie5328Regenerate,DIRTY PLAYER,+1MA,BLOCK00020425030K
14RhamaketStar Mummy35110Mighty Blow, Block, Tackle, Guard, Stand Firm, Piling On, Regenerate00012400200K
15IkohMummy3519Mighty Blow, Regenerate,BLOCK,GUARD,TACKLE000132131100K
16DemaMummy3519Mighty Blow, Regenerate,BLOCK,DIVING TACKLE,GUARD00092438100K
Team NameBaal's MinionsRe-Rolls8x 70000560K
RaceUndeadFan Factor13x 10000130K
Team Rating261Assistant Coaches6x 1000060K
Treasury30000Cheerleaders2x 1000020K
Head CoachKevin PennApothecary0x 500000K
Necromancer1x 00K
Total Cost Of Team1890K

League Games

# Opponent Score Gate $$$ Notes TDs Cas Kills
For Ag For Ag For Ag
Chaos Cup I
1 Moldheim City Ratmen2 to 1W51K100K#1Luthor is the man,2tds and a kill216421
2 The Blasphemous Sign2 to 0W40K70K50k to opp.203000
3 Ragnar's Ragnarok2 to 1W49K120KBIG GAME...pulled it off in OT217311
4 Not So Bright Crusaders2 to 1W67K90KLet Wishbone go...Hired Rhamaket212000
5 Marienburg Mayhem1 to 0W66K70KBIG GAME...and somehow Lord Flash Heart had TACKLE in the game103200
6 Moldheim City Ratmen3 to 2W69K70KZombie skaven kills skaven,Rhamaket kills ass.327320
7 The Blasphemous Sign1 to 0W58K60KLost coach for this game and next102010
8 Ragnar's Ragnarok1 to 0W95K80KLost #15Mummy...but bought new one100401
9 Not So Bright Crusaders1 to 2L103K60Krookie mummy looks good but couldnt pull off game125511
10 Marienburg Mayhem0 to 2L91K40K#4 and #16 ejected024111
WCBye Week0 to 0T0K0K000000
SF Moldheim City Ratmen2 to 1W143K50K#3 and#4 and#12 ejected...5 guys got skills217130
FNot So Bright Crusaders2 to 1W175K70K#5,#7,#10,and #11 ejected.....2111521
Bloodbowl V
1 Nubian Nihilators1 to 2L75K40K-1ff,good slugfest, he pulled off a lucky 2 turn score(and it was his own team)127130
2 Lothloren Lawyers0 to 0T0K0KMake up game later000000
3 Axlotl Loco1 to 0W69K20K+1ff,slugfest, he had some probs with dodges and go for its.....107210
4 Royal Rumblers2 to 1W73K50K+1ff,4 skills this game woohoo,killed morg twice......219641
5 The Human League1 to 0W72K70K0 ff, 3 guys ejted,game went well, kept Griff in the can the whole game!!!!!!!!105411
6 Nubian Nihilators1 to 0W74K40K0 ff,#5 ejted, started game off with the crowd rushing the field, trampling 4 of the nubs 2 of which were seriously hurt. Drove down slowly and score on last turn. Second half it poured down rain on the nubs making them bumbling fools, they even forgot to put 11 men on the field, they tried some fancy moves to tie it up but came up short........107200
7 Lothloren Lawyers1 to 0W67K70K+1 ff,#11 ejected,#2 ejected, got some lucky shots on his guys that stood around by the endzone trying to wait til last turns to score in first half, then marched down in the second half and scored104110
8 Axlotl Loco0 to 1L83K60K-1ff,he had some good cards and luck!!!015522
9 Royal Rumblers2 to 1W80K80K+1 ff,#11 ejected, Even with his deck of cards advantage we managed to squeek it out216531
10 The Human League2 to 1W76K0K+1ff,#11 ejected, he scored fast in the first half but we put the boots to him in the second half...and we couldnt find our winnings seems someone stole the $$$2110210
SF Lothloren Lawyers1 to 0W98K50Ko ff,nobody ejected!!, pulled off a close one with the extra movement card......107210
F Nubian Nihilators0 to 1L0K0K010000
Team Record: 18-5-21774K1360K Team Totals: 3118124583011