Furious Fremmblers

Team Roster

# Name PositionMA ST AG AVSkills Cmp TD IntCas Kill MVP SPP Cost
3FlindwalThrower7447Pass,+1STR,SURE HANDS8000011390K
5WunzzLineman7347STAND FIRM100420970K
6NaosigLineman7347DIRTY PLAYER,PRO,BLOCK10011223370K
11WoullLineman7337STAND FIRM,BLOCK,-1AG (niggled)1203022370K
15TeelWardancer7347Block, Dodge, Leap,FRENZY,-1MA,TACKLE13021014120K
16MunthulWardancer8447Block, Dodge, Leap,+1STR,TACKLE01020112120K
Team NameFurious FremmblersRe-Rolls1x 5000050K
RaceWood ElfFan Factor8x 1000080K
Team Rating149Assistant Coaches0x 100000K
Treasury120000Cheerleaders0x 100000K
Head CoachKevin PennApothecary1x 5000050K
Wizard0x 1500000K
Total Cost Of Team1070K

League Games

# Opponent Score Gate $$$ Notes TDs Cas Kills
For Ag For Ag For Ag
Dungeonbowl VI
1 L`Orlannes Sauveurs1 to 2L55K90K0 ff,had good start, fell apart after that,luck was on our side as the League was looking into the dirty playings of the Brettonians123310
2 Dem Bones0 to 2L40K40K-1 ff,only started with 8 players and they didnt play very well020500
3 Homo Rapeins3 to 0W44K70K+1 ff, 10vs 10,we found a shiney new magic helmet but some retard left it on the bench while we were warming up and it disappeared.......302000
4 North Pole Expressionists1 to 2L55K120K0 ff,the bloodbowl gods must still be looking down at Daren cuz he could pretty much do no wrong in this game...the only thing bad that happen to him was me killing his 4STR elf...but he got me back by killing a Wardancer....122611
5 Da' Woikin' Boyz2 to 0W61K60K0 ff,thought there was going to be an arse whoopin against my team after the game started with a pitch invasion and half my team was KOed or stunned, but 2 go for its failed for for him on turn 8 and he didnt score....then Jordell pretty much took over in the second half.201501
6 L`Orlannes Sauveurs2 to 1W71K80K0 ff,Things went well for the Fremmblers didnt get hurt much scored well and at the end of the game Jordell couldnt believe he got the call to 'rough' up the guy on the ground by the ball, he skipped happily across the field and kicked the knight square in the arse so hard he lost his size 6 slipper, at that point the ref threw him out and they called in the healer who tried and tried but couldnt dislodge said slipper and had to cart him off the field....with eyes wide and chin on the ground at the sight, the headcoach didnt even think about trying to argue with the ref....213100
7 Dem Bones2 to 1W53K60K0 ff,TD apiece in the first half and we had a plan for the second half. The BB gods were looking down on the elves when they executed there plan and it worked, along with some bad rolls from Dem Bones.211601
8 Homo Rapeins1 to 2L40K60K0 ff,couldnt take down hardly anyone, rolled lots of ones, and he was injuring guys left and right.....held out into OT but lost it.120601
9 North Pole Expressionists3 to 0W64K0K+1 ff,was I this time that couldnt do anything wrong, only prob we had was when the crowd stormed the field and Jordells head was stomped upon....then some retard lost our treasure chest.....(may the bloodbowl gods have mercy on Darens team next time we meet)305211
10 Da' Woikin' Boyz0 to 3L55K80K0 ff, a very painful grudge match only lost one guy tho, and so did he, guess he'll need a new slower passer0341212
WC North Pole Expressionists2 to 0W99K60K+1 ff, the BB Gods turned the heads on this game :)205020
SF Dem Bones1 to 2L96K100K-1 ff,decent cards, good game that went to OT, pretty much ran out of Fremmblers121400
Team Record: 6-6-0733K820K Team Totals: 1815275067