Barb's Crew

Team Roster

# Name PositionMA ST AG AVSkills Cmp TD IntCas Kill MVP SPP Cost
1BarbossaStar Mummy5629Block, Mighty Blow, Break Tackle, Regeneration0005210170K
2J.SparrowStar Skeleton6327Block, Pro, Regeneration000201070K
3RagPass-Ra5337Pass, Sure Hands, Regenerate,Block010001880K
4PintelPass-Ra5337Pass, Sure Hands, Regenerate,Block,Dodge,Accurate31002003780K
5NipperkinSkeleton5327Regenerate, Mighty Blow,Block0007022430K
8HawksmoorSkeleton5327Regenerate,Dirty Player,Pro0004121830K
11ClubbaBlitz-Ra6337Block, Regenerate,Mighty Blow,Tackle0303201590K
12DogearBlitz-Ra6337Block, Regenerate,Leader000201990K
13MaximoMummy4519Mighty Blow, Regenerate, Block,+1MA,Guard00091228110K
14KetchumMummy3519Mighty Blow, Regenerate,Block0003206110K
15WeatherbyMummy3519Mighty Blow, Regenerate,Block,Guard01061015110K
16ScarusMummy3519Mighty Blow, Regenerate,Block,Guard00062012110K
Team NameBarb's CrewRe-Rolls3x 70000210K
RaceKhemriFan Factor15x 10000150K
Team Rating194Assistant Coaches0x 100000K
Treasury30000Cheerleaders0x 100000K
Head CoachKevin PennApothecary0x 500000K
Lich Priest1x 00K
Total Cost Of Team1560K

League Games

# Opponent Score Gate $$$ Notes TDs Cas Kills
For Ag For Ag For Ag
BloodBowl VII
1 Dexter's Line1 to 0W60K50K+1ff, good game got a cas for each mummy....not nearly as good as Darens game tho......103202
2 Xylem Zephyrs1 to 0W56K70K0 ff no one had talent in the crowd; Forfeit.106010
3 Orc Express2 to 0W94K90K0 ff, his team came down with the sniffles and the rest forgot to put on there armor208321
4 ThunderCats0 to 1L85K80K0 ff, a well played game, he got off some good rolls right at the end of the game for the win010000
5 Tankard Tuggers1 to 0W72K90K+1 ff, must have dug up some defective bones for our new pass-ra as he didnt even last one game....103111
6 Dexter's Line2 to 0W75K100K0 ff, not much hurtin going on in this game, 4 go for its from the same guy got us 2TDs202200
7 The Awful Green Things2 to 1W85K100K+1 ff, lots of DEEEEAAAATHHHHHHH but only he lost 3,star mummy did pretty good with 2 cas 1 kill219453
8 Orc Express2 to 0W84K90K+1 ff, all his guys showed up this time but they didnt bring there muscles.....205010
9 The Modernists2 to 1W67K60K+1 ff, bad habits but bought good habits :)214000
10 Tankard Tuggers2 to 1W90K50K+1 ff,he took the boots to me in the first half, but we rallied back in the second with bigger boots...216411
QF Orc Express1 to 0W118K70K0 ff, 1st half was pretty slow for both sides, second half the gloves came off Morg was killed resed then got his ankle smashed, bought rr109020
SF Tankard Tuggers2 to 0W105K0K207110
F Dexter's Line1 to 2L0K0K120000
Team Record: 11-2-0991K850K Team Totals: 1966217148