Orstrom's Avengers
# Name PositionMA ST AG AVSkills Cmp TD IntCas Kill MVP SPP Cost
1Varag Ghoul-ChewerStar Blitzer6439Block,Jump Up,Leader,Mighty Blow,Pro02022410160K
2Morg 'N ThorgOgre Blocker66310Block, Mighty Blow, Throw Team-Mate, Thick Skull0104210190K
3gylym bertoChainsaw5339Chainsaw(8+)0000015110K
4Nwahs HcruhcLineman5339000001550K
5Eoj KoocLineman6339+1MA1002011050K
6Llib EroomLineman5339DIRTY PLAYER,BLOCK,DODGE00019114350K
8Tnerp TsovorpThrower5339Sure Hands,Pass,ACCURATE,BLOCK,+1AV(MAGIC HELMET),SAFE THROW16300023570K
9Nived MloclamBlitzer6339Block,MIGHTY BLOW,GUARD,DODGE1506202880K
10Ick EatonBlitzer6339Block000000080K
11Cyre EnepBlitzer6339Block,MIGHTY BLOW,GUARD,TACKLE2305212680K
12Ekim NosnhojBlitzer7339Block,+1 MA,MIGHTY BLOW,GUARD0502033480K
13Drahcir DranoelBlocker4429BLOCK0101011080K
14Nairb EnepBlocker4429DIVING TACKLE,BLOCK,MIGHTY BLOW0014043080K
15Ebob KolrupsBlocker3439DIVING TACKLE,+1AG,-1MA0003132180K
16Truc NosnerosBlocker5429+1MA,BLOCK0002031980K
Team NameOrstrom's AvengersRe-Rolls5x 60000300K
RaceOrcFan Factor16x 10000160K
Team Rating265Assistant Coaches1x 1000010K
Treasury130000Cheerleaders0x 100000K
Head CoachKevin PennApothecary1x 5000050K
Wizard1x 150000150K
Total Cost Of Team1990K

League Games

# Opponent Score Gate $$$ Notes TDs Cas Kills
For Ag For Ag For Ag
1 The Squeaky Wheels2 to 0W72K0K+1FF, Blitz to start off after a long time away from the game, Daren broke me in easy :) Cards:Speed of light and Demo Game(40K), #9(dodge) and #16(block) got skills207200
2 The Wailing ORC-Hestra1 to 0W89K60K+1FF, Slow moving game, Cards:Healing Scroll, Extra Trainig, Bad Press(didn't use), no skills aquired102110
3 Lycanecrosis1 to 0W109K50K+1FF, Beat up a bit but pulled out the win with a lucky crowd throw in and a lightening bolt, #10 Killed, #4 & #14 mng, #2 Ogre skill(Guard), Cards-Half time talk, Bribe the ref, and knutts spell.103512
4 Apocalypse Drow Redux0 to 2L97K60K0FF, Damn leaping elves! Failed a handoff to tie the score in first half. Cards-Chuck, sewer, scutts deluge, and special offer. #6 ejected, Skills-#5 +1MA, #6 Dodge, #12 Guard, #2 Rookie orge is now an assistant coach, Morg joined the team024100
5 Snowballs I-VII Memorial Pet Cemetery0 to 1L105K60K0FF, Riot for 6 turns messed up my half, thrower had a bad game, double skulled for tie breaker attempt. #6 Ejected,#8 and #14 skills, Cards-Stink bomb(best placed one ever), this will hurt a bit, and unseen shield.012010
6 The Squeaky Wheels2 to 1W117K70K0FF, Looks as if Daren is still easing me back into the game :) Cards-Stiletto, Bribe ref, #1 w/bullet(110k),player strike, and Rakalths. No skills, bought blitzer218220
7 The Wailing ORC-Hestra1 to 1T95K40K+1FF, Tug o war game ending in a draw, Card- Secret Way, Skill- #13(block)112000
8 Lycanecrosis1 to 0W114K60K0FF, Game went well, his guys were dropping like flies. Cards-Extra Training(used to buy RR) and Rakarth's(didn't use) #11 skill, bought RR107030
9 Apocalypse Drow Redux1 to 0W121K30K0FF, Strong elves were no match for Morg scoring, no skills, cards-extra training, inj in practice and spy.103200
10 Snowballs I-VII Memorial Pet Cemetery
Team Record: 6-2-1919K430K Team Totals: 95381382