# Name PositionMA ST AG AVSkills Cmp TD IntCas Kill MVP SPP Cost
1BloodBowl Victim in a HabitZombie4328Regeneration000000040K
2Dead Orc BlitzerZombie4338Regeneration, Dirty Player, +1AG, 0001021240K
3Graverobber InfantgobblerGhoul8338Dodge, Guard, Sure Hands, Block, Magic Helmet, +1MV,11900037370K
4Sacrifice for Dark RitualZombie5328Regeneration, Leader, +1MV0001121240K
6Fabricated FleshFlesh Golem4429Regeneration, Stand Firm, Thick Skull0000000110K
7Kin ReaverWight6338Block, Regeneration, Tackle, Strip Ball0502101990K
8Hit and RunZombie4328Regeneration, Block, Dauntless0006222240K
9Frozen SoldierZombie4428Regeneration, Block, +1ST.,0001142240K
10Dr. MoonchildWerewolf6338Claws, Frenzy, Regeneration, Block, Dodge,03050019100K
11Plague SlainZombie4428Regeneration, Guard, Block, +1St0004242840K
12Vengeance SwornWight6338Block, Regeneration, Tackle,110001990K
13Pieces Of Eight MenFlesh Golem4429Regeneration, Stand Firm, Thick Skull, Mighty Blow, block, Guard, 00081226110K
15Wilhelm ChaneyWerewolf7438Block, Claws, Frenzy, Regeneration0009120150K
Team NameLycanecrosisRe-Rolls5x 70000350K
RaceNecromaticFan Factor12x 10000120K
Team Rating204Assistant Coaches5x 1000050K
Treasury30000Cheerleaders5x 1000050K
Head CoachRoy SimmsApothecary0x 500000K
Necromancer1x 00K
Total Cost Of Team1530K

League Games

# Opponent Score Gate $$$ Notes TDs Cas Kills
For Ag For Ag For Ag
1 The Wailing ORC-Hestra1 to 0W106K70K+1FF. #8Hit and Run gained Dauntless. Very rusty in first half, made a lot of mistakes that almost helped the Orcs score against me. Second Half I remembered to actually move my team in a proper sequence. working in conjunction the team was able to assume a numerical superiority then run the clock at their leisure.101100
2 Snowballs I-VII Memorial Pet Cemetery0 to 3L75K60K+1FF. Used extra trainining card to purchase a reroll. #6Drowned in Pool gained Block. Anything I needed to accomplish, my dice rolled the opposite.033501
3 Orstrom's Avengers0 to 1L109K70KPurchased reroll,, and cheerleader. Everybody groan a welcome for our newest team member #2Dead Orc Blitzer, another creature who loved the game enough to not let death get in the way of the game he loved.015321
4 The Squeaky Wheels1 to 3L81K20K#13Pieces of Eight Men gained block.134500
5 Apocalypse Drow Redux2 to 1W105K60K#5Patched Grabber was killed in action. This team isn't what it used to be.213201
6 The Wailing ORC-Hestra2 to 0W85K40KWelcome our new team mate who was named from the location where we found his body parts, #14Bus Crash. May he make a difference for the remainder of the season.200000
7 Snowballs I-VII Memorial Pet Cemetery0 to 2L105K60KG@$#$# M#%&@!B&%%Fu(7!^% Dice! Good game Corey!020200
8 Orstrom's Avengers0 to 1L114K30K#6Drowned in Pond, dead. #14 Bus Crash, Dead. #16Frank & Stein, dead. -1Fan factor. #11 gains +1 St. To give you an idea of how many ones showed up on my dice, not only did I fail every death regeneration (3dead)roll, on top of that I had demo game card and a +1 to winnings. I only got 30k in winnings. No star player points beyond MVP.010703
9 The Squeaky Wheels0 to 1L87K40K#2Dead Orc Blitzer gains +1AG (WTF), #4Sacrifice for Dark Ritual gains +1MV (WTF) #13 Pieces of Eight Men gains Guard. -1FF. Another case of too many ones. Purchased #6 Fabricated Flesh a Flesh Golem made up from all the players that died last game.015220
10 Apocalypse Drow Redux0 to 3L134K0K030000
Team Record: 3-7-01001K450K Team Totals: 615212746