Fiction Pulpers

Team Roster

# Name PositionMA ST AG AVSkills Cmp TD IntCas Kill MVP SPP Cost
2Marsellus WallaceStar Blitzer7449Block, Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Leader12010210170K
3The GimpChainsaw6348Chainsaw(8+),+1AG,PRO00031111110K
4LanceLineman6338DIRTY PLAYER,BLOCK,PRO00017224450K
5JimmieLineman6338MIGHTY BLOW,BLOCK0004132350K
9MaynardLineman6438+1ST (niggled)0101011050K
10Captain KoonsThrower6348Sure Hands, Pass,ACCURATE,+1AG,(skill)17301002870K
11MiaCatcher8237Catch, Dodge,BLOCK,SIDE STEP0300021970K
14Vincent VegaBlitzer7348Block,+1AG,PRO,MIGHTY BLOW1505213190K
15Jules WinnfieldBlitzer7338Block,PRO,MIGHTY BLOW,(PEAKED)0506313290K
16Butch CoolidgeBlitzer7338Block,PRO,MIGHTY BLOW0305112490K
Team NameFiction PulpersRe-Rolls3x 50000150K
RaceHumanFan Factor18x 10000180K
Team Rating221Assistant Coaches1x 1000010K
Treasury270000Cheerleaders0x 100000K
Head CoachKevin PennApothecary1x 5000050K
Wizard1x 150000150K
Total Cost Of Team1480K

League Games

# Opponent Score Gate $$$ Notes TDs Cas Kills
For Ag For Ag For Ag
Spike! II
1 I am Locutus of Borak3 to 0W48K50KBought Apoth. Vega was unstoppable(1Td and 3Cas one of which was a kill)305010
2 Mad Hatters4 to 0W75K80KHad to buy apoth. again, #4 and #5 ejected403100
3 Cheese Friends2 to 1W59K70KCrushed him, he gave up at half time! Biggest whiner i have seen in my life.215201
4 Artless Dodgers2 to 1W83K110KWon in OT. Bought chainsaw guy.#4 ejected215120
5 Lothloren Lawyers2 to 1W102K150KBought Wiz,#3 ejected, shortest game i have ever had...4 turns212000
6 I am Locutus of Borak3 to 1W67K70KBought Cat,#3 and #4 ejected314100
7 The Former Glories2 to 1W75K50K#3 and #4 ejected, close game,new catcher#11 goes in for winning TD212401
8 Cheese Friends4 to 0W86K40Ki only wish Seabrook was playing that game so i could have seen him cry...(killed 2 including brand new star thrower)407120
9 Uruk-Hai2 to 1W103K60K#3,#4,#9 ejected, lost Marvin,but managed to pull off win214401
10 Lothloren Lawyers0 to 2L99K80K#4 and#7 ejected,had a bad start, almost turned it around but that failed too(killed a thrower)023420
QFI am Locutus of Borak2 to 0W89K40K#7,#9 and#16 ejected,#15peaked,free booted Luthor, this was the usual kick the crap out of Daren game :)208010
SFLothloren Lawyers1 to 0W120K60Kholy crap no one was ejected,got good cards,free booted Zug106111
FMad Hatters1 to 0W181K270K#3 ejected, freebooted zug1091122
Team Record: 12-1-01187K1130K Team Totals: 2886330116